Doctors in the US are beginning to discover what has been known around the world already for hundreds of years. They are finding out that the primary cure for anything is already built into each and every one of us…our immune system. But, because most of us have weakened immune systems, they are unable to fight diseases they way there were designed. Now, for the first time in the US new supplements like Coriolus Versicolor are being introduced that are having profound effects on rebuilding and modulating the immune system.

So, can our immune system really cure diseases? The world is finally beginning to think so. In fact, more and more are turning to better lifestyles and supplements to rebuild their immune system so it can successfully fight diseases that standard Western medical treatments have failed to conquer. Coriolus Versicolor is one of those amazing supplements that the rest of the world has used successfully thousands of years that we here in the United States are just now discovering.

Because of the cell replication and mutation process, cells are being created in your body constantly. Some of those cells don’t turn out the way they should. And, bacteria and viruses are constantly finding breaks in your armor to sneak into your body. It’s an ongoing process. The good news is that your body’s system is designed to seek out and destroy all diseases. That is, when it is healthy and working properly.

Diseases have been around as long as man. But it only recently exploded in the last 100 years because of the excessive amounts of toxins and pollutants we are exposed to. High stress lifestyles, lack of exercise, poor quality junk food that’s full of preservatives and pesticides also zap our immune system. Most of these weren’t there 200 years ago. On top of that, as we age, our immune system naturally weakens.

All these weaken our immunity, and reduce the ability of our immune system to find and fight diseases.

Disease is something that your own immunity can correct if your body has enough time. But we need to take action to change our internal immune system to one that creates health, while at the same time attacking diseases.

Overcoming diseases is really a simply a process of reversing the weakened condition in our immune system so they can go after and kill viruses, bacteria, and deformed cells.

Amazingly, we still don’t know the exact causes of many diseases. But, we don’t really have to know the causes. What you need to do is dramatically interrupt and reverse the weakened immune system in your body so that it becomes healthier, and does what it was designed to do.

Our constant exposure to thousands of chemicals from the time most of us were born like chlorinated and fluoridated water, pesticides and other toxins, leads to the creation of too many free radicals and excessive numbers of deformed cells. By itself this would be enough to weaken our immunity. But combined with a diet of refined and over processed food, mineral depleted soils, and too much exposure to artificial light to accelerate growth, the immune system at some point no longer strong enough to keep up. And, if you really want to get a shock someday, read about the true dangers of genetically modified foods that are rapidly finding their way to our tables. The claims, for example, that these reengineered foods don’t require pesticides are true. But the real truth is that is because they have been engineered to product their own internal pesticides that are just as, if not more toxic than many of the ones farmers spray today. Bet you didn’t know that!

Because of this you end up with a malfunctioning immune system not capable of destroying diseases that develop. Of course, our diets loaded with sugar and refined carbohydrates don’t help either. Refined carbohydrates digest so fast they act like sugar, and many diseases thrive on sugar.

Your immune system is absolutely amazing. It doesn’t need any directions or instructions or outside drugs to work. It doesn’t know or care why the disease was created in your body. If at full strength, your immune system just goes to work and takes care of the problem.

One sure way to rebuild your immune system is with supplements like Coriolus Versicolor. You can view testimonials page on this site and listen to those that have amazing stories about their immune system curing diseases and how they did it.

If you have a serious disease, or know someone that has, research and consider alternative treatments that are available and have been used successfully in most other parts of the world. From all my research, I believe that Coriolus Versicolor is the best supplement ever discovered. There have been over 400 clinical studies on it from hospitals and research laboratories all over the world. But, do your own investigating and then try it. The good news is that it does not interact negatively with any other drugs and Coriolus Versicolor has no side effects.

Disclaimer:  inForce has not been proven to treat, mitigate, or prevent any diseases.