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In this section you will find helpful articles, videos, clinical studies, and information that will provide you more information of some of the amazing treatments and uses of Coriolus Versicolor that are currently being used successfully around the world.   As has been said so many times in this website, it’s all about choice….your choice.   And, in order to make an informed choice you need to be exposed to, and understand all your alternatives.  That is not always easy to do in the US when you are bombarded by so many “get well quick” juices and vitimans.

That’s what makes introducing ideas and products that really work so challenging.  Who do you believe?  The company with the coolest website that seems to have all the answers sometimes wins simply because of the hype and advertising dollars they spend.  But, if you look at their products and do some basic research, you will find they many times have no basis for their claims.

What makes inForce Immune Builder stand out from all the rest is the more than 400 clinical studies and trials that have been done by dozens of well known research centers, hospitals and universities all over the world.  Some of those you will recognize are MD Anderson, Hartford Hospital and Research Center, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Memorial Sloan-Kettering, and the Center for Disease Control, just to name a few.

Yes, we know you’ve heard things like this before.  But, you have never seen anything quite like this.  After you learn about Coriolus Versicolor, you will likely have the same reaction others do and realize the amazing potential of this product and the pure Coriolus Versicolor PSK/PSP extract it is made from.

What you will find is that there amazing natural products like the Coriolus Versicolor Mushroom that can really help people yet, are virtually unknown here in the US because of restrictions on providing the information.  So, here you’ll find the the basics and links to solid information.   Then, you can make your own decision.

To make it a little easier for you to find things that might interest you, we divided everything into logical sections.  Just click on one of the sections in the drop down to select the area you’d like to know more about.

If you have any questions, please fill in the question section to the side, or feel free to go to our Forum and let everyone hear what you have to say.  It is only through the truth and sharing of information that we will all benefit.

Here’s wishing you good health and a long prosperous life.

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