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Are there any clinical studies on Coriolus Versicolor?2017-04-06T18:27:41+00:00

There have been many clinical trials conducted on Coriolus Versicolor PSK and PSP that include over 400 clinical studies by some of the top hospitals and research centers around the world. Dozens of double blind trials, both here in the U.S. and abroad, show positive and affective results in Coriolus Versicolor’s, ability to help support the body’s immune system. That’s one of the things you’ll be able to discover here. Read More

Is inForce FDA approve?2017-04-06T17:17:35+00:00

Generally, the FDA does not review or approve supplements. inForce is a food supplement. The statements on this website have not been evaluated by the FDA. inForce has not been proven to treat, mitigate, or prevent any diseases.

Can your immune system cure diseases on its own?2017-04-06T17:12:43+00:00

Doctors in the US are beginning to discover what has been known around the world already for hundreds of years. They are finding out that the primary cure for anything is already built into each and every one of us…our immune system. But, because most of us have weakened immune systems, they are unable to fight diseases they way there were designed. Now, for the first time in the US new supplements like Coriolus Versicolor are being introduced that are having profound effects on rebuilding and modulating the immune system.

So, can our immune system really cure diseases? The world is finally beginning to think so. In fact, more and more are turning to better lifestyles and supplements to rebuild their immune system so it can successfully fight diseases that standard Western medical treatments have failed to conquer. Coriolus Versicolor is one of those amazing supplements that the rest of the world has used successfully thousands of years that we here in the United States are just now discovering.

Because of the cell replication and mutation process, cells are being created in your body constantly. Some of those cells don’t turn out the way they should. And, bacteria and viruses are constantly finding breaks in your armor to sneak into your body. It’s an ongoing process. The good news is that your body’s system is designed to seek out and destroy all diseases. That is, when it is healthy and working properly.

Diseases have been around as long as man. But it only recently exploded in the last 100 years because of the excessive amounts of toxins and pollutants we are exposed to. High stress lifestyles, lack of exercise, poor quality junk food that’s full of preservatives and pesticides also zap our immune system. Most of these weren’t there 200 years ago. On top of that, as we age, our immune system naturally weakens.

All these weaken our immunity, and reduce the ability of our immune system to find and fight diseases.

Disease is something that your own immunity can correct if your body has enough time. But we need to take action to change our internal immune system to one that creates health, while at the same time attacking diseases.

Overcoming diseases is really a simply a process of reversing the weakened condition in our immune system so they can go after and kill viruses, bacteria, and deformed cells.

Amazingly, we still don’t know the exact causes of many diseases. But, we don’t really have to know the causes. What you need to do is dramatically interrupt and reverse the weakened immune system in your body so that it becomes healthier, and does what it was designed to do.

Our constant exposure to thousands of chemicals from the time most of us were born like chlorinated and fluoridated water, pesticides and other toxins, leads to the creation of too many free radicals and excessive numbers of deformed cells. By itself this would be enough to weaken our immunity. But combined with a diet of refined and over processed food, mineral depleted soils, and too much exposure to artificial light to accelerate growth, the immune system at some point no longer strong enough to keep up. And, if you really want to get a shock someday, read about the true dangers of genetically modified foods that are rapidly finding their way to our tables. The claims, for example, that these reengineered foods don’t require pesticides are true. But the real truth is that is because they have been engineered to product their own internal pesticides that are just as, if not more toxic than many of the ones farmers spray today. Bet you didn’t know that!

Because of this you end up with a malfunctioning immune system not capable of destroying diseases that develop. Of course, our diets loaded with sugar and refined carbohydrates don’t help either. Refined carbohydrates digest so fast they act like sugar, and many diseases thrive on sugar.

Your immune system is absolutely amazing. It doesn’t need any directions or instructions or outside drugs to work. It doesn’t know or care why the disease was created in your body. If at full strength, your immune system just goes to work and takes care of the problem.

One sure way to rebuild your immune system is with supplements like Coriolus Versicolor. You can view testimonials page on this site and listen to those that have amazing stories about their immune system curing diseases and how they did it.

If you have a serious disease, or know someone that has, research and consider alternative treatments that are available and have been used successfully in most other parts of the world. From all my research, I believe that Coriolus Versicolor is the best supplement ever discovered. There have been over 400 clinical studies on it from hospitals and research laboratories all over the world. But, do your own investigating and then try it. The good news is that it does not interact negatively with any other drugs and Coriolus Versicolor has no side effects.

Disclaimer:  inForce has not been proven to treat, mitigate, or prevent any diseases.

Do Antidepressants work?2017-04-06T17:15:33+00:00

NO!  Recent information has shown that even the pharmaceuticals own studies show clearly that antidepressants are more dangerous than the “help” they provide.  And, even that “help” is in serious question.  Recently uncovered documents hidden by the drug companies show that you are MORE likely to commit suicide on antidepressants and, once on many of these drugs, it is virtually impossible to get off them.  So, you are a “customer” for life.  What’s more, double blind placebo tests actually showed that those taking the drug were MORE depressed than those that took the sugar pill.

Watch this FOX news video where they uncovered the truth.

What is the Number 1 cause of death in the US?2017-04-06T17:14:39+00:00

An Estimated 700,000 people die annually due to Prescription Drugs.  This would make modern medicine the number one cause of death in America today.  Drug companies are in the business of keeping you as a customer, not curing you.  In fact, if they cured everyone, they’d be putting themselves out of business.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  Our medical industry in incredible at emergency treatment saving lives, pain management and replacing broken systems.  But, they are not in the business of curing.  If you only knew all the cures out there for things that have been used in Europe and Asia, that have been validated, that the pharmaceuticals have kept out of the country simply because they can’t synthesize and patient them.

Watch this short video of a former medical employee for one of the leading drug companies and you’ll begin to see the pieces of the puzzle come together.

What are the side effects?2017-04-06T16:53:31+00:00

Incredibly, there are no reported adverse side effects..NONE!  So you can use it daily to help support and maintain your immune system.  And, you can’t overdose on it. Whatever portion of the product your body doesn’t use, it will simply harmlessly flush out.

Are there other names for Coriolus Versicolor?2017-04-06T16:52:18+00:00
  • Latin … Coriolus Versicolor
  • Japan … Kawaratake
  • Chinese … Yun Zhi
  • Common … Turkey Tail

Coriolus Versicolor is the top selling medical mushroom in Asia and Europe. It is one of the supplements used most often by people suffering from serious immune conditions. Versicolor literally means many colors. And it is true that this mushroom comes in a wide variety of colors. But, while the colors may be different, and it is called by different names in different countries, it is exactly the same product.

Why take inForce on an empty stomach?2018-06-06T18:35:03+00:00

It is amazing the number supplements you purchase that tell you to take them on an empty stomach, and yet they don’t explain to you what that means, or why and how you have to do this. Most of supplements (and medicines) that must be taken on an empty stomach do not pass into the bloodstream very well if there is food in the stomach.

So, here are the whys and hows of taking supplements (or medications) on an empty stomach.

The reason they say “on an empty stomach” is that the substance in the capsule or pill is not intended to be digested in the stomach.  Stomach acid and digestive enzymes in the stomach will destroy or damage the contents of the pill.  Remember, most supplements are food products and can easily be digested in the stomach.  When you digest a product in the stomach, it is used by the body differently than when it is digested in the intestines.  The only thing that keeps that from happening is the protective coating capsule that is designed to act as a little submarine to get the inside product to the duodenum (small intestine) undigested.

That’s why if you take supplements with milk or orange juice, you’ve already started up the digestive process.  The sphincter at the bottom of the stomach closes and digestive juices are injected and go to work in the stomach.  Chances are the pill capsule is not going to make it to the duodenum without damage.

This is why most juice-vitamin products are worthless. The supplements are damaged by the digestive processes in the stomach and most of these drinks are filled with sugar.  Sugar, when it hits your mouth has already triggered the digestive processes in the stomach.  This is automatic.  A bit of sugar in the mouth will close up the sphincter for a while to begin the breakdown of the sugars (and everything else) in your stomach.

Therefore, you must take your supplements “on an empty stomach” with plain, cold water.

Notice, I said cold.  That is to ensure that the pill your taking goes right on past the stomach into the first part of your small intestine (duodenum).  The temperature of your digestive tract is about 100 degrees Fahrenheit.  So, to really avoid digestion in the stomach, take your medication with iced water.

People then ask, “How long after taking something on an empty stomach may I eat?”  We’ve heard five minutes, ten minutes, fifteen minutes, and half an hour.  A biologist I once spoke with said 15 minutes is the answer, but all the medical books say half an hour.  Well doctors like being the final authority.   You’re fine if you take supplements about 30 minutes (although hour is better) before eating anything.

People also ask, how long after we eat a meal, will our stomachs be considered empty.  Most conservative medical books say about 3 hours.

Here is something I got from a nutritionist.  Twenty minutes after you eat, the sphincter at the bottom of the stomach leading to the small intestines opens.  If your system is in good working order, and you were to take something at this time, it would probably pass into the small intestine pretty much untouched.

Bottom line: For supplements should be taken on an empty stomach so that they pass into the bloodstream properly.  Choose times of the day that are convenient to you. 30 minutes – 1 hour before breakfast is ideal for once a day supplements.  Other good times include mid-morning, mid-afternoon and last thing at night before going to bed.  Just be sure it’s been at least 3 hours since you last ate anything.

How Much should I take?2017-04-06T16:30:03+00:00

For immune maintenance, we recommend 1-2 capsules 2-3 times per day.  That’s about 1~3 bottles of inForce/month.  Take on an empty stomach.

For those with current health issues, we recommend 2-4 capsules 3 times a day.  That’s about 3~6 bottles of inForce/month.  Again, be sure to take them on an empty stomach.

That question often comes up.  The answer is, “it depends upon why you’re taking it”.  If you are just trying to build up your immune system and maintain your body’s health and well being, you’ll need less than if you have a specific problem you’re trying to address.  Here are recommended doses.

inForce Immune Builder should be taken on a daily basis, for the rest of your life.  The standard recommended dosage, most commonly used in the clinical studies, is 3,000-4,000 mg/day.

One thing you should know is that you can’t overdose on inForce.  The Coriolus Versicolor mushroom is a food product and your body will simply use what it needs and flush out what it doesn’t.  You could take the entire bottle at one time and it won’t hurt you.  I always suggest people error on the side of taking a little more to be sure they are getting enough.

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