What is the number one killer in the US?

Believe it or not, an estimated 700,000 people die annually due to Prescription Drugs and improper/unnecessary medical procedures.  This would make modern medicine the number one cause of death in America today.  Drug companies are in the business of keeping you as a customer, not curing you.  If they cured everyone, they’d be putting themselves out of business.

No other country in the world

  • Has more sickness
  • Is taking more drugs
  • Has more chemo and radiation treatements
  • Has 1 out of 2 people dying of cancer
  • Has 1 out of 2 people dying of heart disease

Now, don’t get us wrong.  Our medical industry is incredible at emergency treatment; saving lives, pain management and replacing broken systems.  But, they are not in the business of curing.   You would be shocked if you knew all the validated cures used in Europe and Asia that the pharmaceuticals have kept out of the country simply because they can’t synthesize and patient them.

Behind closed doors, doctors reveal their true belief about many standard medical treatments.  Many said they would reject some the current practices being carried out by their establishment on their own family.

Why?  Because they understand the ineffectiveness of many chemical drugs and their unacceptable degree of toxicity.  And they have begun to realize the truth about supplements, like Coriolus Versicolor PSK/PSP, that they are beginning to change the world forever.

Unfortunately, doctors can’t tell you about any “natural or alternative health therapies” and stay employed.  Insurance regulations preclude such suggestions.  And the doctor could get into administrative trouble with the American Medical Association (AMA) by recommending “unapproved” natural, non-drug treatments.  Their advice is strictly controlled by the FDA and the large medical industry that makes billions of dollars selling expensive drugs and treatments.  This is an industry that doesn’t look favorably on natural supplements because they cannot patent them to make high profits.  In fact, there are hundreds of documented reports where the pharmaceutical companies intentionally hid information on viable (and proven) alternative herbs and supplements because they worked better than their chemical drugs.

But, the simple fact is that many of the most effective products call “drugs” are derived from plants.

  • Penicillin comes from mold
  • Coumadin (Warfarin Sodium, used to reduce blood clotting) comes from sweet clover.
  • Aspirin from the bark of the white willow.
  • Vincristine, a mitotic inhibitor used in chemotherapy comes from periwinkle.
  • Etoposide, a well known cancer drug is derived from American mayapple.
  • Taxol, an anti-cancer chemotherapy drug is taken from the pacific yew tree.

Just to name a few.  So, it should not be surprising there are other plant products out there, like the Coriolus Versicolor mushroom, which can be included in the list of “drugs” that will contribute to our health and well being.

We live in a paradoxical culture that is both incredibly skeptical and yet incredibly wide open to any and all beliefs.  But, if you’re looking for the truth and are willing to set aside your unconfirmed beliefs about what works and what doesn’t, you’ll find information here that will truly change your life.

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