What People Are Saying

inForce Immune System Builder has been used by people all over the world for over 10 years with amazing results.  People are constantly sending us their testimonials of what inFoirce has done for them.  In some cases, people have seen amazing results in just a matter of days.  They are enjoying the benefits inForce and have noticed a significant improvement in the quality of their lives.  Here is just a sample of what they are saying.  Be prepared because some of these stories will bring tears to your eyes.

“I was very sick due to diabetes and my foot got severely infected. I don’t remember how it started but it had me in the hospital for several months. One day out of the blue I got a call from my cousin who introduced me to inforce. I really credit this mushroom to increasing my immune system which made my foot heal faster and saved me from an amputation.

Wilbert Jean, Florida

In 1998, my Mother, Lilo Lu, discovered she had a large lung cancer.  Growing up in China, and as a scientist, I knew the value of herbal mushrooms and their ability to boost the immune system.  After taking Coriolus versicolor PSP/PSK from China, the cancer tumors in my Mother were gone, and she has been a cancer survivor and living in a normal life.  Now the product has been produced in U.S. and we started ordering the product under the brand name is called “inForce Immune Builder”.

Simon Lu, California

As a former Marine, I’ve been a diabetic for many years, taking as many as 4 insulin shots a day.  One day I broke my leg and it became very infected and wasn’t healing.  The Doctors had diagnosed that I would likely lose my leg to keep the infection from spreading.  At the recommendation of a friend, I started taking inForce and, after just a few weeks, the same doctors were amazed and said I was “healing nicely”.

Jack Parsons, Florida

Watch this emotional interview with Doctor James M. Sigafoos, a world Chiropractor, and his son, Chris.  Chris, a triathlon athlete, and doctor himself, became ill and was been told there was “no hope” until he started taking inForce.  In just a matter of days, his life was changed forever.

As a Registered Nurse and researcher, I am exposed to Radon Gas.  Using Inforce has kept my immune system in good form and helped with several cancer patients going through chemotherapy, so they have fewer side effects.

Linda R., Verified User - California

I’ve been taking Inforce for 3 months now and can tell a big difference in the way I feel about acid indigestion.

Amos L. , Verified User

My Doctor recommended Inforce for my immune system support with my chemo treatments.

Betty E., Verified User


       Disclaimer:  The statements on this page are individual testimonials that have not been evaluated by the FDA.  inForce has not been proven to treat, mitigate,
       or prevent any diseases.