Overview of Your Immune System

Inside your body there is an amazing protectio­n mechanism called the immune system.  It is designed to defend you against millions of bacteria, microbes, viruses, toxins, and parasites that would love to invade your body.  It also protects against genetic mistakes made at the cellular level.

The immune system is the body’s ultimate defense against infectious agents.  A healthy immune system has the best chance for defending the body against life threatening and/or disease in general.  In fact, there are documented reports and testimonies from all over the world that people’s natural immune system cured diseases that we in the US only think can be handled by drugs.  Truly, your body’s immune system is amazing.

Strengthen Your Immune system

With this fact in mind, it only makes sense that we should all be doing everything possible to bolster and strengthen our immune system.

The immune system is complex, containing many interacting blood cells, proteins and chemicals.   A healthy immune system contains elements that are in working together and are in balance with one another.   But when the immune system is compromised, the results can be deadly.

In a compromised immune system, the components are unable to protect the body against harmful agents or mutation processes.  The immune system can also be compromised when it is overworked when called upon to fight off multiple battles on several fronts.

Surgeries also depress the immune system.  The greatest cause of death following a successful surgery is a secondary, or nosocomial infection (one picked up as a result of the hospital stay).  With a depressed immune system, secondary infections can be deadly.

Naturopathic Medicine

In contrast, traditional medical practitioners use botanicals and other natural substances to stimulate the body’s own defense mechanisms rather than substitute for them.  What is very interesting about Coriolus Versicolor is that Western medical doctors and Western research institutions have been studying it very closely for its immune boosting capabilities and are now beginning to realize the amazing potential of this common mushroom.  But most people in the West are unaware of Coriolus Versicolor and it was very difficult to find.  But in Europe, and in the East, years of incredible results from using Coriolus Versicolor has catapulted the sale of this product into the 100’s of billions of dollars.

It has only been in the last 30 – 40 years that we’ve begun to research the immune system and gain a true understanding and appreciation for it’s amazing abilities.  Before the 1960s the immune system was basically ignored except for using it as a measurement for your current state of health.  Take, for example, “white count” testing.  A high white blood cell count told your doctor that your body was fighting an infection.  Beyond that, it was basically ignored and drugs were used to “fix” what was wrong.  These drug therapies actually further suppressed the natural immune system or, in the case of chemotherapy, totally decimated it.

Western Medicine

Western medical doctors seek to replace the body’s natural immune system activity.  By providing either antibiotics to kill bacteria or chemotherapeutic agents that try to arrest aggressive cellular growth or with bioengineered molecules that simulate elements of our own immune system, they try to make up for the lack of a strong immune system to do its job.  That’s because over our lifetime, our immune system gets damaged by age, our environment, and all the chemicals and food preservatives we’ve consumed over the years.

Antibiotics depress the immune system by taking over its job.  Antibiotics also deplete the “good” bacteria (probiotics) needed for cleansing toxins from your system.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  Our medical industry is incredible at emergency treatment that saves lives, pain management and replacing broken systems.  But, they are not in the business of curing.  Many products that have been validated to cure diseases have been used in Europe and Asia for hundreds of years.  But the pharmaceuticals have kept out of the country simply because they can’t synthesize and patient them.


By the way.  Now, we know that a high white blood cell count is not necessarily an indication of an infection.  It also is a measure of stress.

Did you know that, according to the American Medical Association, 95% of the non-injury related trips to the doctor are stress related?

One of the reasons it has taken science so long to get a grip on the immune system is that its parts and interconnectedness are not easy to understand and connect.  We know about the digestive system, the circulatory system, the nervous system, and the respiratory system, ust to name a few.  These systems are easily described and understood because they are physically connected.  The immune system, on the other hand, consists of, ostensibly, unrelated parts and pieces.  And much of what connects the whole thing together is molecular.


The purpose of this section is to let you in on the workings of your immune system, its suppressors, triggers, boosters, and modulators.  The goal is not to turn you into immunologists, but rather share with you some of the basics so you’ll know how it works.

Now open one of the tabs above, or click on one of the photos to see a component breakdown of the immune system and just how it works in some more detail.

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