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Pets are part of the family. Furry children that are always happy to see you and won’t borrow your car.  So why are we feeding them dangerous chemicals, dyes, and fillers?

After losing too many of our pets to cancer, we said enough was enough.  As responsible pet parents and established businesspeople, we realized that something had to be done to stop the cancer and hip and joint epidemic sweeping our pet population.

Our mission is to provide a better life for your pets.

At PetClub 247 we’re serious about changing the pet treat and food industry for the better.  As manufacturers, we have developed some products that you can’t find any where else.  Like our Mushpuppies and CBDoggies, many of our products are infused with CBD oil or Coriolus Versicolor (inforce) to help pets live longer and healthier lives.

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News, Information & Studies

Study by Penn State University on effects of Coriolus Versicolor in animals.

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Pet Health- 4 Reasons Why Natural Support Is Important

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